About Us

Our Founder's Story

Hey there!

We're so glad you want to join our mission of bringing exceptional matcha to adventurers like you as a healthy, alternative energy source.

Like many businesses are, Kenshō was born as a solution to a problem.

Our founder Elena loved drinking matcha, but often struggled to find one that was high quality, mixed well and tasted good.

When she finally located a trusty source, she was loyal to them for years until the company unfortunately shut down due to the global pandemic. 

As Elena started her search (again), she realized how difficult it was to find a brand she liked — and that others might struggle too. As a devoted matcha drinker, she worried that lower-quality, poorly manufactured brands would ruin matcha for people forever. 

On her quest to find a replacement, Elena felt a nudge to solve this problem herself as she came up empty-handed. She couldn't be the only one looking for exceptional matcha that smelled good, tasted amazing, and was packaged sustainably.

In addition to her background in graphic design and marketing, Elena had always wanted a product-based business, but never knew what to dedicate herself to. So this newfound problem and her innate passion combined with rocky employment during the pandemic inspired her to take the leap. 

In late 2020, Elena was determined to locate the best matcha on the planet. She tested over 10 varieties from Japanese farms of various sizes and practices before discovering "the one" — from the heart of matcha-country itself, Uji.

This farm produces small batches using traditional practices and ancient tools to maintain the authenticity and freshness of their product — truly the most exceptional matcha Elena has tasted to this day.

In addition to superior taste and smell, Elena uniquely packaged it to match the product's vibrant and energetic properties. While her competitors lacked flair, Elena combined her love of matcha with that of the outdoors to inspire those with active lifestyles to seek clean, green energy alternatives.

So whether you hike, climb, bike, ski, paddle, are a yogi, you name it, this matcha is for you.

And here we are! We're so glad you've joined our tribe.

— The Kensho Tea(m)