our philosophy

As humans we thrive in the natural world. We relish in its cascading waterfalls, refill our lungs in its fresh mountain air, and reinvigorate ourselves in its lush forests. We desperately want it to last.

Camellia sinensis (or tea) can easily live over 50 years, giving us season after season of abundance. Tea farmers harvest in a manner that encourages vigorous growth of the mother plant, making tea cultivation an industry with one of the lowest impacts on the environment. Compared to coffee cultivation, it uses significantly less water and pesticides, making it one of the most enviromentally friendly and sustainable crops in the world.

Tea containers however, are often made of materials harmful to aquatic ecosystems, so we opted for almost entirely paper packaging, becoming the first matcha brand to use paper tubes on the market. We mindfully partner with enviromentally conscious companies and invest in sustainable development for the tea industry.

Let’s give back to our world together.